Cleophus Quealy Beer Company is a craft brewery startup formed by Peter Baker and Dan Watson, two engineers who met while working together at Google in 2005. Like many breweries, Cleophus Quealy owes its humble beginnings to two beer lovers in a suburban garage, sending the aromas of sweet mash and potent hops wafting through the neighborhood each weekend. Then in 2012, what began as a casual homebrewing tradition culminated into Cleophus Quealy Beer Company.

The name Cleophus Quealy is drawn from the brewers’ families, as a nod to tradition, history, and two people who really, really liked beer. Today, the Cleophus Quealy Beer Company brewers are devoted to helping people see beer in a whole new light: nourishment for our palates, our communities, and our lives. We can only hope that Cleophus and Quealy would be proud.