448 Hester Street

Wow. About this time last year, Dan and I began the process of finding a location for the brewery and tasting room. At the time, I thought to myself that finding a space should be relatively quick and easy. Hah! When all was said and done, we spent the better part of a year on lease negotiations for five different locations in the East Bay. Why not SF, you ask? Property there — especially the Dog Patch — is so damn hot that we couldn’t even find locations to negotiate for. But all’s well that ends well, and we’re thrilled to say that we recently signed a lease for the space that is to become the Cleophus Quealy Beer Company brewery and tasting room.

There are quite a few hurdles ahead of us, though. Signing a lease was just the first step: Next we have to finish the architectural plans (thanks Hauk Architecture) so we can include those in our city zoning, building, and business permits; county and state health permits; and California ABC and Federal TTB licenses (so far we have over 40 pages of paperwork filled out, and that’s not even ⅔ of what we have to do total).

Then we have to break ground in implement those plans. I see lots of sewage, gas, electric, and carpentry in our future. But don’t think we’re complaining: designing your own brewery and tasting room is fucking awesome. But also terrifying. I highly recommend it.

What’s all this mean? It means that happily, amazingly, we’re now well on the path to open our doors in early 2014. Yes, there will be setbacks. Obviously there are risks. But we’re dedicated to fighting the good fight so we can have the honor of pouring you a beer in 2014. See you then!

A Blank Canvas

now that I’ve found
somewhere safe
to bury my bone,
any fool knows that
a dog needs a home
— Pink Floyd