Roshambo project planning

To try and keep hold of what's left of our sanity and open this business like, you know, sober people might, we've broken the entire process down into four phases:


As of right now, the paperwork is mostly done. We've decided on a layout, so now it's time to take all these crayon-scribbled beer mats, and turn them into some fancy-ass construction documents. Building permits should come through in October, and we've filed our ABC permits, California Seller's Permit, and other miscellaneous corporate deeds (so fun, let us tell you).


Once that's all said and done, we can start building in late October or early November. First comes infrastructure like plumbing, new bathrooms, upgraded doors, etc. If the beer gods permit, the December rains will bring tons of stainless equipment and a whole lot of beer-powered perspiration.


Early next year we get to start the fun stuff. Building the bar, configuring the taps, adding lighting, signage and other finishing touches. Going to need a whole lot of help from our friends, community and vendors to get everything pulled together. If you are a designer, builder, or love DIY, drop us a line.


Oh and don't worry, all these planning sessions and bureaucratic lovefests haven't caused us to lose sight of what's really important: the beer. We're still brewing every weekend, and working on awesome new recipes (see Twitter and Facebook for more details there).

We'll continue to keep you posted along the way, and are looking forward to sharing pictures once the construction starts. As of right now we're still on track to open in spring of 2014.