Construction update

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you’ve probably seen some updates and photos about construction and licensing. But with all the love and support we’re getting from the community, we thought it was high time to give some meaty details. So here’s what’s been going on at 448 Hester street.

What we’ve done so far

Licensure trifecta FTW! Our federal license, ABC license, and business license have all been issued by the respective authorities. That means that we are legally allowed to start brewing the beer that we’ll sell once we open for business.

We’ve completed a huge amount of rough construction like plumbing, electrical, and floors. The bar is welded and installed, the cold room is built, the bathrooms have been torn down and reconstructed, and we have some gorgeous paint and redwood wall paneling up.

photo by Katie Winkler

We also have an incredible new brew house that’s in the process of being set up. It’s a two-vessel, seven-barrel direct-fired system. Each brew day will yield up to seven barrels, which is fourteen half-barrel (15 gallon) kegs. It’s really pretty. Don’t tell anyone, but Dan actually sleeps in it at night.

“Okay, but when will you be open?!”

First things first: Getting the brew house and related infrastructure completed so we can start making beer is our top priority. After that, final construction inspections are our last big hurdle. We’re going to start brewing soon, and as soon as that clock starts ticking, we’re six to eight weeks out from opening assuming the construction inspections go through.

photo by Katie Winkler

During that time, while Dan is brewing beer, Peter will focus on the finishing touches like lighting, seating, taps, artwork, glassware, etc. We’re also working on some ideas for our opening menu, soft openings, a founder’s club, and food truck appearances. Check back soon for more updates, and if you haven’t already, sign up for our newsletter.

See you soon!

Peter & Dan