Enter the pie contest at our Summer Beer Tasting!

In a conniving scheme to get free pie, the Cleophus Quealy brewers have decided to hold a pie contest at the Summer Beer Tasting! All you amateur pastry chefs out there, whip up your best pie and bring it on down to the event. The first, second and third place winners will walk away with beautiful ribbons.

Here’s How it Works
First, sign up to enter the contest. Then, bake your favorite pie (or pies!) and bring it to the event. Our judges will take a bite or two of each pie then announce the first, second and third place winners onstage! After the judging, the pies will be shared amongst the event attendees.

There are no categories, you can enter more than one, and you can make any kind of pie you want, sweet or savory. Just be sure they’re labeled with your name and the type of pie, and covered for protection from pests. The rules are loose on this one folks, so get creative! If you have any questions, feel free to email events@cleoph.us.