Saturday Social at Cleophus Quealy

Saturday Socials are our way of giving back to the community that so enthusiastically supports us. Every month, we join forces with a local non-profit organization for a month long campaign to raise both funds and awareness for their efforts to make the Bay Area a better place. For the month we feature a beer in honor of our partner, collect  donations and host an installation on the work and needs of our partner. We invite our friends, neighbors, and beer lovers from all around to join us in a month of having a great time for a great cause.


 This May, Cleophus Quealy will be joining forces with Bancroft Middle School and San Leandro High’s jazz bands. The students of Bancroft Middle and San Leandro High devote countless extracurricular hours to rehearsal, practice and performances and many families face financial hardships which makes fundraising essential. Funds raised during this month long campaign, will go towards instrument purchase and repair, sheet music, scholarships for summer camps, lessons, and to fund competition and festival trips.

SATURDAY, may 11th FROM 12 - 6PM

On May 11th from 12-6pm the young musicians and facility of Bancroft Middle and San Leandro High will join us in the tasting room for our Saturday Social event. The event will feature performances by each band and a very special joint performance.


Jazz Band Performance Schedule:

1:00-1:20 -- Bancroft Middle School
1:30-1:50 -- Bancroft Middle School & San Leandro High School
2:10-2:30 -- San Leandro High School
2:40-3:00 -- San Leandro High School

Please join us in a day of great people and great beer for the great causes that are Bancroft Middle and San Leandro High jazz bands and help keep music alive in San Leandro schools. Dogs, children and well-behaved adults welcome!

This month’s Social Tap: The Norse Remembers

A rye saison fermented in puncheons with Kveik yeast and dry-hopped with Mandarina.


Interested in being a Saturday Social non-profit partner? Email with information about your group.