San Francisco Beer Week 2019


We're excited to celebrate SF Beer Week with our fellow Bay Area brewers and beer lovers! For the uninitiated, Beer Week is the magical time of year when breweries break out their most special releases for a week long (give or take a few days) celebration of local beer. Here at CQ, we've lined up plenty of new brews and festivities for the occasion. Check out our schedule below, and visit to check out all the happenings throughout the Bay. 


The SF Beer Week Opening Gala kicks off a week of beer-centric festivities throughout the Bay Area. We're joining our fellow Bay brewers for an evening of some of the finest brews in Northern California. Get your tickets quick! 

Not going to be able to make it to the ball? Don’t worry, Cinderella, you can join us in our tasting room from 3-9pm and get one of our 16oz beers for $5, plus we’ll have our Beer Week brews on tap for a super special preview of what we have in store for the beer-iest week in the Bay.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd, 2pm to 6pm: A Very Murray Beer Week Celebration

That’s right, woodchuck-chuckers, it’s GROUNDHOG DAY. We may be on the wrong coast to see if Punxsatawny Phil sees his shadow, but we can do the next best thing and celebrate one of our all-time favorite movies. We’ll have the Harold Ramis and Bill Murray classic playing continuously all day while we sip our newest brew: Violet Delights. This sour spent months in gin barrels with lemons, cherries, and flower petals to mimic the flavors (and color) of the Aviation, one of our favorite cocktails.

Fellow die-hard Bill Murray fans, we invite you and your pooch to don your best looks from your favorite Murray movie and join us for a Bill Murray costume contest, and snap some selfies in our Bill Murray photo booth. Judging will happen at 5pm. Costume contest winner will earn bragging rights, plus a prize package complete with the finest Bill Murray VHS collection we can possibly assemble.



Get ready for the biggest sporting event of the year: THE PUPPY BOWL.

Join in as we root for our favorite four-legged athletes in this adorable sporting showdown. Your own pup may not have the athletic prowess to make it to the big game, but they can still be a winner--enter our dog talent show to show off what they can do, with prizes for the most talented pooch.

All of our special Beer Week brews will be on tap for the festivities, including Violet Delights and Citron Golden, a barrel-aged golden with Buddha’s Hand and dry-hopped with Citra.


TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5TH, 3pm to 9pm: Throwback… Tuesday?

Join us for a low-key evening featuring some of our finest barrel-aged and sour beers! We’ll tap into some of our favorite past releases, plus our special Beer Week brews, including Violet Delights. This sour spent months in gin barrels with lemons, cherries, and flower petals to mimic the flavors (and color) of the Aviation, one of our favorite cocktails.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 6TH, 5pm to 8pm: Menagerie Initiation Rites

Are you worthy to join the ranks of the Menagerie of Distinguished Drinkers? Join our 2019 initiation rites and find out! We’re throwing this extra esoteric soiree in honor of our loyal membership club to welcome new members and celebrate the OG crew. This initiation is for members only, but pro-tip: signing up costs nothing, so come on by and join the ranks of the Distinguished Drinkers. Learn more about our member club, and sign up before the initiation!

We’ll be pouring our special Beer Week releases, plus a few past favorites we’ve been holding onto for a special occasion.


THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7TH, 5pm to 8pm: Tropical Thursday

It’s tiki time! We’re throwing a special Beer Week edition of our monthly Tropical Thursday bash, complete with tiki bar-esque beertails, classic surf tunes by DJ Danny Santos, and a special Happy Hour menu. Hawaiian shirts and tropical attire highly encouraged, especially for dogs. We’re also unveiling a super limited run of custom tiki mugs designed by Danny Santos and Bill Kaplan of Faery Wood Studios--these are bound to sell out fast, so stop by early and snag yours quick!

In addition to beertails, we’re featuring one of our favorite tropical brews for the evening: Puncheon Paradise. This saison was spontaneously fermented in two oversized barrels with pineapple, and passionfruit.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8TH, 3pm to 9pm: Happy Hour

Join us for an evening of $5 pints, plus our special Beer Week brews! All our 16oz pours are only $5 from 3-9pm, plus we’ll be pouring Violet Delights, Citron Golden, and more of our favorite fruited and barrel-aged brews.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9TH, 12pm to 4pm: Saturday Social with Bay Area Girls Rock Camp

Bay Area Girls Rock Camp empowers young people through music, promoting an environment that fosters self-confidence, creativity and teamwork. Although BAGRC camp centers the experiences of young women, they are committed to gender justice and creating an inclusive environment that supports a wide range of marginalized gender identities and expressions. BAGRC challenges gender stereotypes, encourages collaboration and tolerance among peers, and provides a comfortable space for people of all backgrounds to express themselves. Through music lessons, workshops, group activities, and performances, rock campers acquire skills that help guide them throughout their lives.

Please join us in supporting this great cause, listening to some great music and drinking some great beer!

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH, 12pm - 8pm: Beer Week Hangover

Wind down the week’s festivities with a low-key brunch! We’ll have breakfasty beertails (plus ginger ale and coconut water if you need a little extra help), and our full lineup of special Beer Week releases, including Violet Delights.